Covid-19 graphing application

Tools used

Javascript, Graph.js, Node.js, several data gathering APIs

More details?

This is a continuation of my journey to learning about as many areas of software development as possible, which started with this project, a very simple Android weather forecast application.

It was the first time I used third party APIs, and also the first time building an Android native application.

This time, I jumped ship to JavaScript, and it was a great choice.

Modern JavaScript has changed dramatically and at the moment is a very powerful language (albeit quite quirky from time to time).

For this project, because of the situation we were in, I decided to make a COVID-19 graphing application, which will graph out the most important information about a chosen country, but also provide basic overview information about the global situation.

The project uses Graph.js and a few related APIs, and a work in progress simple API I made in Node.js (which is very much WIP).

The project can be accessed on my website ( click me ).